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Plant Protection Enquiries

Before third-party contractors carry out excavation work, all infrastructure operators are requested to provide information about their network and installations. This information is used to determine the routing of third-party lines to prevent damaging other operators' network and installations during the excavation work. These enquiries have to be checked by the operator and a response sent to the third party. In addition, technical conditions or safety measures can be specified on site. To assist, netsphere 24 can provide:

  • Response to enquiries from third parties about the customer's network, after determining whether the customer's infrastructure is affected by the enquiry

  • On-site representation of the customer, or accompanying the customer to meetings with the authorities, in connection with civil work to be carried out by third parties which necessitates protection of the customer's plant. Documentation of these activities

  • Generation of a database for recording all enquiries about third-party lines.

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