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Preventive Plant Maintenance

To ensure fault-free network operation and to identify and prevent problems in advance, the routes and repeater locations are regularly monitored. This includes regular testing of the fibre optic cable connections, inspection of air conditioning systems, maintenance of the power supplies and emergency generators, the inspection of cable pits, and cleaning of repeater locations.

  • Testing the fibre optic cable connections at 24-month intervals

  • Inspection of pits [every 12 months, regreasing the pit covers, pumping out and cleaning, visual inspection of conduit seals, visual inspection of cable sleeves and sleeve fasteners, inspection report including graphic images]

  • Inspection and maintenance of air conditioning plants

  • Inspection and maintenance of power supply units including inspection of backup batteries

  • Inspection of the emergency generator and the fuel oil supply

  • Inspection of the safety installations at the repeater site

  • Monthly external inspection of the repeater site

  • Maintenance of the station grounds [green space]

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