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OFM Communications

Established in 1969, OFM Communications operates in the telecom construction sector, where its main clients are Deutsche Telekom, the Bundesbahn and local authorities.

OFM's core activities include installation and servicing works within city networks, installing fibre optic cables and office communications facilities, field installation services and underground cable routing. In addition, the company has consistently and successfully expanded its data systems services. These include the development and installation of LAN-WAN networks and the integration of switching and router concepts.

In response to the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of applications in IT networks (such as gigabit data transfer and multimedia) and the growing need for network security, OFM offers a future-proof implementation of complex network systems. A Cisco System Premier Partner, OFM has 130 employees, more than half of whom are active in the network technology sector, in Germany and throughout Europe.

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