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Established in 1963, a.hak has developed into an innovative, multi disciplinary contractor, providing a diverse portfolio of infrastructure services.
With over 1100 employees throughout the Netherlands and offices across the globe, a.hak has five world class operating divisions:

a.hak Infranet BV - Providing the domestic and business markets with a complete multi utility service, including telecommunications, catv, data, electricity, gas, water and heating.
Five operating locations in the Netherlands support this service:

  • Northern Region - Assen

  • Southern Region - Veghel

  • Western Region - Halfweg

  • Eastern Region - Rijssen

  • "Rijnmond" Region - Zwijndrecht

a.hak Leidingbouw B.V. - Providing transportation and transmission infrastructure, focusing on pipelines for gas, oil, water, heat, sewage and in addition, transmission lines for electricity.

a.hak Industrie B.V. - Providing services (construction, maintenance, shutdowns, off shore work) for the oil and gas industries. This includes storage tanks and new infrastructure build.

a.hak Industrial Services B.V. - Providing services for cleaning, testing, drying and cooling to industrial installations and pipeline systems.

a.hak International B.V. - Utilising the domestic market experience, a.hak performs pipeline construction activities for the transportation of oil, gas water and other fluids.

In addition, subsidiary company activities include the manufacture of masts and antennas, decontamination of soil and groundwater and pipeline protection.

Utilising the various divisions expertise, quality systems such as ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001 and an experienced proactive management structure, a.hak offers dependability, quality, unrivalled experience and the right capacity, whenever needed.

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